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Feedstock Development

Lindsay Clark





Assesing the Potential Impact of Insect Pests and Plant Pathogens on Biomass Production of  Miscanthus x giganteus and Switchgrass (Pancium virgatum)

These two plant species are highly promising biomass sources, and insects and pathogens can cause diseases that can have a serious impact on production. This project seeks to identify such threats and to study possible control strategies.


Genetics and Pre-Commercial Breeding of Perennial Bioenergy Grasses

Northern-adapted, warm-season C4 perennial grasses are among the most promising candidates for developing sustainable dedicated bioenergy crops for North America. Genetic resources will play an essential role in increasing biomass yield of feedstock crops. However, germplasm collections in the U.S. for these species are small, and little breeding work has been done on them. This project will develop the foundational underpinnings for bioenergy grass crop improvement that University research has provided for all our other major crops.