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Biofuels: Law and Regulation

Scientific advances will provide the technical solutions to achieving mass production of cellulosic ethanol.  However, achieving cellulosic ethanol’s full potential will require deft navigation of emerging legal, regulatory and political barriers. This program analyzed biofuel laws and regulations to facilitate development of optimal policies for commercialization.  At the forefront of this effort was working to establish sustainability standards for biomass and biofuels systems that encompass both greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions and mitigation of other environmental affects (Note: the program is now operating as two projects: Federal/State Law and Policy, and System Sustainability).


Biomass Feedstock Legal and Regulatory Challenges: Invasive Species Regulation, Biotechnology Approvals and Germplasm Control

Invasive species, genetically engineered biomass feedstocks and contractual mechanisms to manage intellectual property rights in germplasm are linked together by common legal and regulatory structures, whereby invasive species rules influence biotechnology regulation, as well as potential private law liability concerns associated with genetically modified plants. Contracts also specify terms for germplasm cultivation, harvesting, and destruction in order to mitigate the liability risk that potentially invasive species or genetically engineered plants may migrate while providing bio-refineries sufficient biomass quantities. The project is developing a science-based decision-making framework to avoid or mitigate these risks in the areas of feedstock development, cultivation, post-harvest practices and supply chain management.