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Feedstock Development

Race Higgins





Assessing the Potential Impact of Insect Pests and Plant Pathogens on Biomass Production of Miscanthus x Giganteus and Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum)

These two plant species are highly promising biomass sources, and insects and pathogens can cause diseases that can have a serious impact on production. This project seeks to identify such threats and to study possible control strategies.


Perrenial Feedstock Genomics

This project applies genomic tools to identify useful genes, pathways, and germplasm for the development of perennial grasses as bioenergy feedstocks, with a focus on the Saccharinae.  Linkage mapping and association mapping is being conducted on inter- and intra-specific segregating populations and diversity panels of Sorghum, Saccharum, and Miscanthus.  Traits of fundamental interest include flowering phenology, rate and pattern of biomass accumulation, perenniality, and compositional variation.