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Biomass Depolymerization

Lori Huberman





Systems Biology Analyses of Plant Cell Wall Deconstruction by the Model Filamentous Fungus, Neurospora Crassa

This project is working to define how a filamentous fungus remodels both its internal and extracellular metabolism to efficiently deconstruct plant cell wall material. Neurospora crassa, a filamentous fungus found on burnt grasses, sugarcane stalks and sugarcane bagasse in nature, has been used in the laboratory as a model organism for 80 years; its genome has been sequenced, and many biochemical, molecular, genetic and cell biological tools are available for this organism. The team has characterized the transcriptional response when N. crassa grows on plant cell wall material and are characterizing regulatory processes associated with sensing plant cell wall material and induction of enzyme gene expression and secretion. It is developing high-throughput methodology and cell biological approaches to enable defining mechanistic aspects and function of proteins encoded by genes, that when mutated, decrease or increase hydrolytic enzyme production.