News 2013 EBI Annual Report Now Available: Status Updates, Research Highlights, Scientist Profiles

2013 EBI Annual Report Now Available: Status Updates, Research Highlights, Scientist Profiles

The latest edition of the Energy Biosciences Institute Annual Report has been published and is now available in print and online. The 90-page report is a catalogue of programs and projects being investigated at the EBI in its commitment to explore the applications of modern biology to the energy sector. Now in its 7th year of a 10-year contract with funding from international energy company BP, the public-private partnership continues to make progress toward fulfilling the promise of renewable, affordable transportation fuels developed from non-food sources like grasses and waste material.

A multi-disciplinary environment combined with the close collaboration between academia and industry has "paid dividends several times during our six-year history, often leading to major shifts in our scientific approach," writes BP Vice President of Energy Biosciences and EBI Associate Director Paul Willems in the report's introduction. "Exploring the synergy between clever biology, clever chemistry and clever engineering has been particularly fruitful, and I believe we are at the cusp of another round of major evolution in our thinking."

Fifty-seven research efforts in five different bioenergy fields -- feedstock development, biomass depolymerization, biofuels production, economic-social-environmental impacts, and fossil fuel microbiology -- are summarized through research highlights achieved in 2013. Faculty profiles are included within each field, and explanations of the research are provided by young scientists involved in the work. A total of 308 scientific publications and presentations were completed during the year, each one listed and identified by catalog number for reference.

To receive a printed copy of the report at no charge, send an e-mail with your address to A PDF file of the book is also available for download at the EBI website, (click on the cover image on the home page). To read the report via the "Virtual Paper" publishing program, go to

The EBI was formed in 2007 when BP chose as its partners for this unique venture the University of California, Berkeley; the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Since that beginning, hundreds of principal investigators, postdoctoral researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, and analysts have cycled through the program, adding over 1,000 journal articles to the intellectual database that will lead to a more responsible, environmentally friendly global energy mix in the future.


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