News Bioenergy News: Caution About Modeling; Farmers Need Incentives

Bioenergy News: Caution About Modeling; Farmers Need Incentives

The latest edition of the EBI Bulletin, quarterly newsletter of the Energy Biosciences Institute, features these stories:

  • In a "Perspectives" article for Science magazine, EBI Director Chris Somerville and Senior Bioanalyst Heather Youngs explain why model predictions are no substitute for actual measurements.


  • Illinois agricultural economist Madhu Khanna tells Congressional staff that if cellulosic ethanol is going to succeed, government will need to incentivize production more than it currently does.
  • Cutting deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions in Brazil: just manage pasturelands better, EBI researcher says.

These and other stories, including reports on EBI conferences focusing on the bioeconomy and on bioenergy laws and regulations, can be found in the Spring EBI Bulletin. To access a copy, go online to the EBI website ( and, in the "Resources" section dropdown menu, click on "EBI Bulletin Newsletter." Printed copies will also be mailed at no charge; send an email to with your name and address. 

The Energy Biosciences Institute is a public-private partnership in which bioscience and biological techniques are being applied to help solve the global energy challenge. Funded with $500 million over 10 years by the energy company BP, the EBI includes researchers from the University of California, Berkeley; the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; and BP. 



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