EBI in the News

Photo of inside of EBI building. EBI continues to be at the forefront of the research going on in the energy biosciences industry and we want to share how that affects our world today.

  • Biofuels editor Jim Lane talks with EBI director Chris Somerville about the Institute, industry milestones, the bioeconomy, mentors, and more. "There’s a rumor going around that the original technology for LS9 (now, REG Life Sciences) was sketched out by Harvard’s George Church and Berkeley’s Chris Somerville on a cocktail napkin. If true, it would have to be one of the most interesting and valuable artifacts that will some day adorn a Museum of Industrial Biotechnology," Lane writes in his introduction. "For now, reminds us that Chris Somerville is not only the ringmaster behind the Energy Biosciences Institute — originally funded via a famous $500M investment by BP — but a...