News Energy Biosciences Institute Issues 2010 Call for Proposlals

The Energy Biosciences Institute, a unique public-private research partnership dedicated to exploring the applications of modern biology to the energy sector, is inviting pre-proposals for possible project funding in five different areas of investigation. The deadline for pre-proposal submission is June 20, 2010.

The EBI -- a collaboration between the University of California’s Berkeley campus, the federal Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, funded by energy corporation BP – is in its third year of studying the prospects for, and impacts of, alternative transportation fuels and microbial hydrocarbon recovery. The portfolio currently stands at 68 awarded studies.

New awards will be granted in the following categories:

Socioeconomic and Environmental Impacts of Biofuels
The EBI seeks to develop deeper understanding in "ve di#erent subject areas: land use; agricultural intensi"cation; modeling for the bioeconomy; sustainability performance measures; and phytoremediation of contaminated soils.
Feedstocks Areas of focus include a theory for genetic pest and pathogen tolerance in mixed grass populations; non-genetic methods for control of pests and pathogens; the economic viability of non-food feedstock, including woody biomass; and the implications of biofuel feedstocks in regions like Brazil, Africa, the United States and Eastern Europe.

Both theoretical and computation approaches are sought for exploring the utility of structural diversity of cellulases.

Fuel Synthesis
The EBI is interested in novel routes to non-algal diesel substitutes made from lignocellulosic components.

Fossil Fuel Applications
Proposals are being solicited in four subject areas – understanding of, and e#ective controls for, bio-souring of oil and gas; removal of sulfur and nitrogen compounds from petroleum; methods for accelerating the degradation rate of petroleum to result in quicker clean-ups; and understanding of the microbially in%uenced corrosion process at oil and gas facilities.

A detailed description of each focus area, and instructions for submi&ing three-page pre-proposals, can be accessed on the EBI web site (


Contact: Susan Jenkins, Ron Kolb


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