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Bioenergy Connection, the Energy Biosciences Institute’s magazine forum for discussion of issues relevant to the future of the field, is now an interactive Internet site. The just-launched website,, will offer special features and daily news updates in addition to the content from the biannual print publication.

“Our magazine is published just twice a year, but those who are working in bioenergy or are shaping policy for the market need to be able to access information daily,” said Bioenergy Connection Executive Editor Heather Youngs. “We hope that this website offers valuable and timely information and serves as a nexus for the continuing conversation on renewable energy.”

Now in its third year, the magazine has become an essential resource in the emerging business of bioenergy and transportation biofuels. The latest issue, featured on the new website, is devoted to the question: Is Forest Bioenergy Sustainable? A package of stories by noted professional science writers and journalists explores the issues surrounding the use of forest biomass as a fuel source.

Other features in this issue address climate change, the RIN renewable fuel credit system, and the historic Keeling Curve that measures atmospheric carbon dioxide. Open text boxes at the end of each story invite comment from readers.

“We want to have more interaction with our readers, and this seemed like an effective way to do so,” said Bioenergy Connection editor Diana Hembree, who created the structural layout for the website and served as the editorial lead.

On the website’s home page, a “related news” section will be filled with up-to-date headlines and global links to stories that complement the contents of the site. All past issues will soon be archived by story, and a search feature will scan them by keyword and provide a helpful list of relevant articles. In time, exclusive videos will be added to the site.

Other new elements include “print” and “share” functions for individual stories, connections to Twitter and Facebook feeds for the magazine, and a blog by Executive Editor Youngs and other researchers involved in bioenergy. Future blogs will discuss issues involving policy and technology.  The site also has a subscription page for those who wish to receive the printed copy and e-mail alerts for future issues.

The site was designed by Mirhee Lee, the EBI’s artist and designer, and engineered by web specialist Jed Willard, under the direction of Nick Vasi, all at the University of Illinois. Content was supplied by Hembree in Berkeley, with the assistance of EBI Communications Manager Ron Kolb.

The Energy Biosciences Institute is a public-private collaboration in which bioscience and biological techniques are being applied to help solve the global energy challenge. The partnership, funded with $500 million for 10 years from the energy company BP, includes researchers from the University of California, Berkeley; the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; and BP. Details about the EBI can be found on the website:





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