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Alpha-Arrestin Interaction Partners

Our aim is to determine whether regulation of sugar transporter quantity and localization at the plasma membrane by alpha-arrestins represents a bottleneck to utilization of the cognate transport substrate(s). In S. cerevisiae, alpha-arrestins are adaptors that recruit the ubiquitin:protein ligase Rsp5 to nutrient permeases and other integral plasma membrane proteins in response to various stimuli. By conferring target specificity, alpha-arrestins promote clathrin-mediated endocytosis of specific cargo. Therefore, the plasma membrane residence time of both endogenously expressed and ectopically expressed transporters of immediate interest to the aims of the EBI may be dictated by alpha-arrestin-directed and Rsp5-dependent ubiquitinylation and endocytic internalization.

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Published in 2014

Specific Alpha-Arrestins Negatively Regulate Saccharomyces cerevisiae Pheromone Response by Down-Modulating the G-Protein Coupled Receptor Ste2, C. G. Alvaro, A. F. O'Donnell, D. C. Prosser, A. A. Augustine, A. Goldman, J. L. Brodsky, M. S. Cyert, B. Wendland, J. Thorner, Molecular and Cellular Biology, V. 34, pp. 2660-2681, PMCID: PMC4097657, May 12, 2014.



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