Environmental, Social & Economic Impacts projects

Development of Biofuel Productivity Potentials for Economic Analysis Under Changing Climate, Land Use, and Societal Demands - Completed

This project developed global 1km x 1km biofuel productivity potential (BPP) datasets, which were used to quantify economic impacts of land use change from natural vegetation and food crop distributions to energy crop distributions. Those data sets will serve as the BPP baseline for quantification of climate forcing, water resource availability, and impact analyses. They produced critical, scalable data products and models that will help in understanding the range of environmental and socioeconomic impacts of global implementation of biofuel planting.


Published in 2012

Bioenergy Potential of the United States Constrained by Satellite Observations of Existing Productivity, William Kolby Smith, Cory Cleveland, Sasha Reed, Steven Running, Norman Miller, Environmental Science and Technology, doi: 10.1021/es203935d, February 9, 2012.

Published in 2010

Development and Optimization of an Agro-BGC Ecosystem Model for C4 Perennial Grasses, Alan DiVittorio, Ryan Anderson, Joseph White, Norman Miller, Steven Running, Ecological Modelling, 221(17): pp. 2038-2053, August 24, 2010.



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