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Geological and Geochemical Assessment of Biosouring Mitigation Strategies at the Cardinal Field Using Core Samples, etc.

Our pilot biosouring experimentation using the silicate GeoBioCell micromodel has been successfully completed using a soil enrichment culture, as well pure culture isolates of the sulfate-reducing bacterium Desulfovibrio vulgaris. In addition, core samples of oil-bearing subsurface sandstone reservoirs from the BP Cardinal field have been used to successfully construct a real reservoir rock GeoBioCell. The real rock GeoBioCell has been successfully inoculated with the enrichment and isolate cultures. Fluorescent tracers have identified flow paths and microbial metabolisms within individual rock pores. We are now closely coordinating GeoBioCell experiments with the UC Berkeley-LBNL large-scale biosouring column experiments.

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Published in 2014

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