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2014 Vol. 3.1 Magazine

Cover Story: Fueling the Bioeconomy


From the Executive Director
The Futurist Trilemma
By Heather Youngs

Great Expectations: A Tale of Two Industries
By Jim Lane

The Cover Story: Fueling the Bioeconomy
The Bioeconomy is Everywhere
It's not just planet-saving. It's good business.
By Heather Youngs

Ford's Legacy: Green Chemistry on the Rise / Web Exclusive
One of the most promising sectors of the bioeconomy is green chemistry, which uses biology to manufacture less hazardous chemical products.
By Chris Woolston

The Cellulosic Biofuels Odyssey: Crossing the Finish Line
After years of anticipation and delays, commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol is on the market. What can we learn from the pioneers?
By Greg Breining

Northern Exposure
How the demand for high-quality paper inspried Scandinavians to create the world's oldest wood-to-ethanol plants
By Heather Youngs

GranBio 101: Secrets to Its Success / Web Exclusive
The keys to GranBio's success are partnerships, resources, and an eye to the bottom line.
By Greg Breining

Biobutanol: Back to the Future
This once-flourishing industry is making a comeback.
By Ashwini Bhandiwad

Biomass Diesel: Rising Star of the Renewable Fuel Standard
While other renewable fuels struggle to make their quotas, biodiesel may exceed EPA goals.
By Greg Breining

Aviation Biofuels on the Runway
Biofuels have powered luxury business jets and military planes. Now they're revving up for a takeoff in commercial flights.
By Todd Woody

Flex Fuel Vehicles in the United States: Why Are We Lagging Behind Brazil?
In Brazil, up to 90 percent of the drivers use flex fuel vehicles. In the States, it's 6 percent. What gives?
By Steve Pietsch

Flex Fuel Drivers at the Pump / Web Exclusive
Flex fuel drivers interviewed by Bioenergy Connection are happy with their "green" fuel, but they are having trouble finding stations that carry it.
By Steve Pietsch

Other Features
Sweetening the Biofuel Sector: The History of Sugarcane Ethanol in Brazil
Brazil is the largest sugarcane ethanol producer in the world. But its ethanol program is threatened by falling oil prices, and government action and support will likely determine the future of this vital industry.
By José Goldemberg and Luiz A. Horta Nogueira

Brazil: Bioenergy Powerhouse at a Crossroads / Web Exclusive
Brazil still has a chance to fully embrace biofuel, but the path isn’t as straightforward as it used to be.
By Chris Woolston

Interview: Vonnie Estes: A Passion for Sustainability
The former U.S. managing director of Granbio talks about the company’s goals in a shifting RFS environment, her love of agriculture, and women in biofuels
By Katherine Griffin

Breaking Down the Wall
There’s a treasure trove of clean, renewable energy for biofuels locked up in the parts of plants that are indigestible to humans. The challenge: How to get at it.
By Judith Horstman

Hot Spots: Bioprospecting for Biofuel’s Mystery Bugs
Just as miners used to prospect for gold in rivers and streams, scientists bioprospect for hardy microbes living in hot springs and other extreme environments.
By Peter Jaret

Extremophiles: A Guide to Microbes That Live on the Edge / Web Exclusive
Why extremophiles – or "lovers of extremes" – are useful in biofuel production.
By Elaine Herscher

The Briefing
A Short History of Biofuels
The images and text on these panels provide snapshots of how humans have been employing the energy from plants for their benefit for over three centuries.
By Ron Kolb

The Connections
From Bio to Fuel: Jatropha and Clostridium
A newly engineered variety of jatropha shows some promise, and Clostridium continues to be useful in biofuel production since it can grow just about anywhere
By Diana Hembree


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